Step 1. Decide who you want to participate on your subscription

All Kannetic subscriptions have one administrator and an unlimited number of participants. You should invite as participants to your subscription anyone whom you would like to provide input into your performance improvement priorities and action plan. For some users, this might be just a few team or organization leaders. For others, it may include all managers or team members, whereas others may choose to include an entire organization.

You can add new participants to your subscription and remove existing ones at any time and at any stage of the process

Step 2. Decide your timing and deliberation approach

Kannetic Solutions are flexible tools which you can use as part of an existing planning or meeting process, or to run a special performance improvement program or workshop. You can use Kannetic subscriptions exclusively in live meetings as a facilitation tool, as a tool for largely remote feedback and online discussion, or anywhere in between. The easiest way to get started with Kannetic is to use a solution to facilitate a 60 - 120 minute, high-impact retrospective. To see how, go to the Retrospectives page.

Over time, you can flexibly adjust the way you use your subscription. Here are some examples of how you can use Kannetic that can easily be adapted to suit your needs and context:

Option: Review the standard solution performance driver framework and determine if you want to customize your subscription

Each Kannetic Solution is built around a standard performance driver framework specific to that solution. You can see the standard performance driver framework in your solution when you first login as an administrator, by scrolling to the bottom of the Opportunity Poll and selecting "Skip poll & view results." You will then see an empty version of your subscription’s Opportunity Report which includes all of the standard performance drivers and categories for your solution.

You can also see the solution framework in the administrator panel to the right of your Opportunity Poll under the heading “Hide Performance Areas.”

There are two ways you can customize your Kannetic Subscription.

1. Omit performance areas you do not wish to include in your team’s Opportunity Poll and Opportunity Report.

2. Customize your subscription by adding additional performance areas to your subscription.


1. Omitting Opportunity Areas: Administrators can hide performance areas they wish to exclude in the Opportunity Poll and Opportunity Report for their subscription. To do this, select the areas you wish to hide in the "Hide Performance Areas" box of your administrator controls and select "Submit Areas to Hide." This can only be done during the Prioritize stage.

2. Adding Performance Areas: Kannetic can customize your subscription to add any additional performance areas you would like onto your subscription’s performance driver framework. This customization should be done before adding users other than the administrator onto your subscription When your subscription is customized by adding new performance areas, it will be completely refreshed and any users other than the administrator will need to be re-added.

To add additional performance areas onto your subscription, send an email to specifying the performance drivers you would like to add to your subscription.

There is a customization fee of $299 each time you update your subscription performance driver framework.

Step 3. Inform participants that you will be inviting them to the subscription

You are now ready to start using your Kannetic subscription with your team, leaders, organization, or clients. Send a short note, letting participants know you will be adding them to the subscription or directly inform them during a meeting. Here is an example of an announcement email for Kannetic’s Sales Builder solution:


Dear Team,

It is critical that we regularly take the time to ask ourselves where we have opportunities to improve our performance.

To help us along this path, we have decided to use a Kannetic solution. Kannetic will help us efficiently identify together where we need to improve & what actions we can take to do better. You can learn more about how it works by watching a short demo video at:

I will be adding you soon to our team's subscription. When I do, you will receive two emails from Kannetic. The first email will provide you a link to register on Kannetic’s platform (if you have not before). The second email will invite you to login to our team’s subscription where you can take our team “Opportunity Poll.” This poll will allow us to see our collective perspective on where we feel we are strongest as a team and where we need to improve.

We plan to have an initial discussion of the poll results during our regular team meeting on October 15th – so please complete the opportunity poll before then.

I am looking forward to our discussions and to aligning on practical steps that we can take to work better together.

Thanks, as always,

Jane Doe

Step 4. Invite participants to your subscription

Now you are ready to add participants onto your subscription. To add participants, click "Manage Participants" in your participants sidebar.

From your Manage Users screen, you can then add new users one at a time or you can import a CSV file containing a list of names & emails. If you choose to upload a CSV file, you can download a template to be used in your upload. Remember that once you add or import a new participant, they will automatically be invited to take the Opportunity Poll for your subscription (unless you are adding new users after you already selected improvement opportunities for your team, in which case your Opportunity Poll is closed). If this is the first time they are using Kannetic, they will also receive an email inviting them to register with Kannetic and set their password.

If participants miss their initial registration email or forget their password at any time, it is simple to reset their login.  

They go to: 

Click “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions to reset their password and login.

Please note that once you add a participant to a subscription they will automatically be invited to take the subscription Opportunity Poll (unless you have already moved into the Plan phase.) Also, all participants will be able to see the latest Opportunity Poll results real-time as soon as they have completed their Opportunity Poll themselves.

If you administer more than one team, be sure to select the right subscription to which you wish to add the new user(s).

Option: Take or skip the Opportunity Poll

When participants access a new Kannetic subscription for the first time during the Prioritize stage, they will be asked to take the Opportunity Poll. During the Prioritize stage, participants will not be able to see the Opportunity Report until they have taken the poll. Once improvement priorities are selected for the subscription, however, the poll will no longer be available and any participant can review the Opportunity Report.

Only administrators can choose to skip the Opportunity Poll. If you are a consultant or external facilitator working with the team, you may choose to skip the poll, so as to exclude your answers in the Opportunity Report. Administrators can skip the Opportunity Poll by clicking "Skip poll & view results" at the bottom of the poll page.

Option: Remind participants to take the poll

Kannetic is a real-time platform, therefore, it is not necessary to have participants take the Opportunity Poll prior to a meeting dedicated to discussing results. You can simply have participants login and take the poll during the first five minutes of a live discussion meeting. You just need to refresh your browser when everyone is through to view the updated results.

However, you may want to encourage everyone to complete the Opportunity Poll prior to the discussion meeting for a few reasons. First, this provides everyone an opportunity to think about the poll on their own and to come with a mindset that is prepared to discuss the results. Second, you may want to encourage participants to use the Opportunity Report social commenting feature to pre-discuss the poll online before a live meeting. Third, you may be using your subscription primarily to gather online feedback, rather than from a live discussion.

Kannetic makes it incredibly simple for you to see how many participants have already taken the poll, and to send out reminders only to those participants who have not yet completed the poll. Click "Send a reminder email" from your participants sidebar to send a reminder note to participants who have not yet taken the poll.

Step 5. Discuss the Opportunity Report

Kannetic is a flexible tool that enables you to discuss, align on, and prioritize performance improvement opportunities in any way that works best for you and your team. Kannetic does not prescribe a deliberation or decision-making approach. The Opportunity Report allows you to quickly see the areas where there is broad agreement with regards to your team’s or organization’s performance. Typically, we find there are a few areas where most people agree are strengths and a few where they agree improvement is needed. The Opportunity Report provides a starting point whereby you are able to quickly understand your team’s sentiments and engage in a high impact, objective discussion on why participants feel the way they do about each performance area.

However, just because most people say in the Opportunity Poll that there is a need to improve in a certain area, it does not necessarily mean that by the end of the discussion the team will choose to focus on that area. Someone may make a convincing argument that the team’s initial view is missing an important consideration. Or the team leader may make a decision that a different performance area is more important.

The Opportunity Report allows you to easily sort through the current collective perspective of the team by clicking on the “Needs Improvement” and “Strength” labels to sort performance areas by response. This lets you start a discussion with a clear understanding of the group’s current perspective and then build on it together, rather than using live conversations just to have everyone stating their own perspective. This in turn creates much more efficient and powerful performance improvement discussions than typical unstructured group conversations.

The Opportunity Report also allows for online discussion through the social commenting feature. Comments recorded in the Opportunity Report are attributed to the commenter. This enables you to hold virtual conversations and engage in asynchronous feedback and problem solving. The social comment function also allows for anyone unable to attend a live discussion meeting of the Opportunity Report to provide their thoughts and feedback.

To include comments in the Opportunity Report, click the chat icon next to any performance area to comment on a particular performance area.

You can leave comments, ask questions, and respond to other participants' comments. Comments and replies can be read by all other participants in your subscription.

Step 6. Select priority improvement opportunities

Whatever deliberation approach you use to discuss the Opportunity Report, the goal of the discussion is to prioritize a limited number of performance improvement opportunities for your team so as to focus on improvement efforts. We recommend trying to limit this to 1-3 areas.

Kannetic enables an agile performance improvement process. Similar to an agile development team which takes a few priority stories at a time to work on and complete, Kannetic enables your team or organization to do the same with performance improvement. Once you have decided on your performance improvement opportunities, you can select these priority improvement areas using the boxes directly in your administrator view of the Opportunity Report. After you have checked the improvement opportunities, click "Submit improvement opportunities" at the bottom of your screen.

You can change your prioritized improvement opportunities up until the point where you have selected improvement actions and completed the Plan stage.

Step 7. Discuss improvement actions

With your improvement priorities selected, it is now time to move forward to the Plan stage of the Kannetic process. You will now find in the Plan screen a list of potential improvement actions you can take for each of the improvement opportunities you selected for your subscription. Again, Kannetic’s platform enables you to have both an efficient live discussion, as well as to engage participants in online and remote input. Participants can comment on any of the actions in the improvement action list using the discuss icons, just as they could comment on performance areas during the Prioritize stage.

In addition, the thumbs up and thumbs down icons next to each action allow participants to provide fast feedback on each action. These icons are similar to red-dot green-dot exercises commonly used in workshops – where each participant is given red and green dots to place next to ideas they like or dislike which are written out on a butcher paper block or white board. Participants are able to change their thumbs-up and thumbs-down vote on each action as you continue discussing them over time – enabling real time feedback and group “temperature checks.”

When participants click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icons, their selection is shaded grey on their own screens. The total number of likes or dislikes across all participants is shown within parentheses.

Option: Add custom actions

The improvement actions provided in the Plan stage of your subscription are starting points for problem solving. These actions are recommended based on the experience of the experts who developed the solution content. However, they are by no means exhaustive. You may already be applying some of them, some may not be relevant to you, and others may be too general for you. As the administrator, you can easily add any additional actions in the action list for your participants to consider. To avoid chaos, only the administrator is allowed to add custom actions. Therefore, participants with ideas they wish to add to the list can provide suggestions to you and you can decide whether or not to include them.

Your custom actions may be completely new ideas or you may choose to make some of the actions provided on the starting list more specific. For example, an action on your starting list may be to create a 90-day new hire orientation plan. You may already have such a new hire plan, but instead want to take the action of revising your 90-day new hire plan. Another example action on your list may be “Assign specific senior executive sponsors of diversity & inclusion work.” You may want to use revise this action to be more specific by stating it as “Assign all C-level executives as sponsors of one employee resource group.”

You can add actions to specific improvement opportunities by clicking "Add an action" at the bottom of the action list for that opportunity.

You can then proceed to type in your custom action.

Your action will then appear on the list of potential actions for that improvement opportunity - where participants can comment and vote on it. You will be able to select it as part of your action plan, and it will be included in your quarterly Progress Tracker Poll.

Step 8. Select action plan

Similar to the Prioritize stage, the goal of the Plan stage of the Kannetic process is to select a limited number of specific actions you commit to take in order to capture your prioritized improvement opportunities. Again, the deliberation process you use and how you ultimately decide which actions to include is up to you and is not prescribed by Kannetic’s process. Again, we recommend you focus on a small number of actions that you know you will actually take – as opposed to a large number of actions you would like to take. You can update your action plan at any time in the future.

The only requirement imposed by Kannetic’s platform is that you select at least one improvement action for each prioritized improvement area you previously chose. If you do not plan to take an action to improve in that area, then that area is not a priority. Which is fine as your planning discussions may have changed your perspective. You can simply go back to the Prioritize screen of your subscription by clicking “Prioritize” in the flow chart at the top of the subscription screen, uncheck the performance area where you will not be taking any action, and then re-submit your improvement opportunities. You are able to change your prioritized opportunity selection at any time up until you have submitted an action plan.

Once you are ready to select actions for your action plan, you will follow a similar process as when you selected performance areas to prioritize for improvement. You simply select the boxes next to each action you intend to take, then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen. If you do not have at least one action for each prioritized improvement opportunity area, you will not be able to submit your action plan until you remove the opportunity area without an action.

Once you submit improvement opportunities, you will still see the full list of actions, but all other participants will only see the actions you plan to take. This means you do not have to create a separate Powerpoint deck or any other material with your action plan. Your action plan will automatically be in your subscription and all participants will be able to access it at any time. They will also be able to continue commenting on each action in it by using the discuss icon. After you have submitted your action plan, your subscription will move to the tracking stage of the Kannetic process.

Three months after you have submitted improvement opportunities, participants will automatically receive their first quarterly Progress Tracker Poll. Alternatively, if you would like to track your progress before three months are over, you can decide to manually initiate a Progress Tracker Poll at any time.

Step 9. Track progress

Kannetic subscriptions will automatically issue a Tracker Poll every three months, asking all participants how your team or organization is doing against prioritized improvement opportunities, whether they have seen planned improvement actions being applied, and how effective those actions have been.

Participants will receive an email at the three month mark, inviting subscription participants to login to Kannetic and take the Tracker Poll.

If you do not want to wait three months to track progress, you as the subscription administrator, can initiate a Tracker Poll at any time. If you would like to initiate a new Tracker Poll at an earlier date, just click "Send Tracker Now" from your administrator controls and then confirm that you want to send the tracker now.

Similar to the Opportunity Poll, you will see in your administrator controls the number of participants that have responded to the latest Progress Tracker Poll. With the click of a button, you can send a reminder email to anyone who has not taken the poll so far.

After participants have taken the poll, they will see aggregated results across all subscription participants. Similar to the initial Opportunity Poll, as the administrator, you can choose to skip this poll by clicking the “Skip poll & view results” at the bottom. However, all other participants must take the poll in order to view the team’s results.

The Progress Tracker Poll allows you to rapidly and efficiently check-in on whether you are making progress towards your prioritized improvement opportunities, executing improvement actions effectively, and whether you may need to adjust your action plan to achieve your desired performance improvements.

Option: Adjust action plan

The Progress Tracker Poll results provide you with rapid feedback on whether participants believe you are making progress and if all the items in your action plan are working. If you find that participants do not see some actions being implemented or that participants think your actions are not effective, you can then discuss these actions to determine whether this indicates you need to execute your plan more effectively, better communicate on the actions you are taking, or change the actions in your plan.

If you decide to change your action plan, return to the Plan screen of your subscription. You will be able to add new custom actions if there is an alternative action you want to take which is currently not on your action list. After you have finished adding any new actions, to modify your action plan, uncheck the boxes of actions you will no longer take & select the boxes of the new actions you plan on taking. Then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen. Again, you must select at least one action for each improvement opportunity area.

After you have resubmitted the actions, participants will see the new action plan when they view their Plan screen.

Step 10. Start a new iteration

Over time, the goal of the Kannetic process is to see a steady increase in participants agreeing that you are performing well in the performance areas you selected during the Prioritize stage. When you feel you have achieved the desired performance improvements in these areas, you are ready to re-start the process. To do this, click "Start a New Iteration" on your administrator sidebar.

Confirm that you are ready to start again – and your subscription will launch a new Opportunity Poll.

You will now see in your “My Subscriptions screen” of your Kannetic portal two tiles for this subscription. The first tile will be for your old iteration, and the second for the new iteration. Each of these tiles will be labeled with an iteration number and the date the iteration was first created.

When you start a new iteration, all participants will see your old iterations in their "My Subscriptions screen." If you would like to refresh your subscription entirely, so that old iterations are not visible to participants, we can refresh your subscription entirely. If you would like us to do this, please contact Kannetic support and let us know that you would like your subscription refreshed. When we do this, all participants except the administrator will also be removed from your subscription - so you will need to re-add any participants.

When you start a new iteration, all participants will be invited to login to the subscription and take the Opportunity Poll again.

At this time, you may choose to add new participants and remove existing ones from your subscription. To add users, see Step 4 above.

To remove participants, hover over a participant's name in your "Participants" sidebar, then click the minus icon.

You will be asked to confirm removal of the participant from your subscription.

At this time, you will also be able to hide or unhide performance areas for the new iteration. You may decide to unhide any performance areas you previously omitted from your subscription, or to hide any performance areas you do not wish to address in this iteration.

To do this, you can select the areas you wish to hide in the "Hide Performance Areas" box or unselect areas which you previously omitted. Then select "Submit Areas to Hide."

Once participants have taken the new Opportunity Poll for this iteration, you can return to “Step 5: Discuss the Opportunity Poll” above. You can now repeat the Kannetic process, until you have successfully captured your next set of prioritized improvement opportunities. This brings you back to Step 10 - where you can once again restart the process now with a new iteration. In this way, Kannetic allows you to undertake an agile, ongoing cycle of performance improvement.