Building Corporate Inclusion and Support of the LGBT Community


Kannetic recently worked with Stan Kimer of Total Engagement Consulting to develop the LGBT Inclusion Builder solution – which helps companies develop greater inclusiveness and support of the LGBT community.  Drawing on decades of experience as a leading LGBT diversity practitioner at IBM and as a private diversity consultant, Stan identified as part of this process dozens of actions companies can take to build LGBT inclusiveness.  Here are 10 of those actions:

  1. Recruit experienced professional LGBT hires through involvement and sponsorship of LGBT community and professional organizations
  2. Set up a "reverse" mentoring program where out employees can meet with senior leaders in a "safe, open" environment
  3. Publicize LGBT Pride Month as part of your corporate calendar
  4. Include appropriate LGBT benefits equity within benefits programs (e.g. adoption, family leave...)
  5. Feature out LGBT executive and senior leaders in online and public mediums as role models for LGBT talent
  6. Engage LGBT employees and / or ERGs in the product and services development cycle to assure LGBT-appropriateness
  7. Include LGBT images in mainstream advertising (e.g., include an LGBT couple in scenes)
  8. Conduct appropriate LGBT advocacy in countries outside the US where you have a presence
  9. Support the LGBT Chamber of Commerce or professional networking group in your local community
  10. Provide one-on-one coaching and training on transgender issues for immediate supervisors of transgender employees

You can learn more about Stan and the LGBT Inclusion Builder solution here.