Boosting Team & Organizational Performance

Kannetic's patent-pending platform makes it easier and faster than ever before for teams and organizations to tap their collective intelligence to achieve higher performance.  Kannetic offers a range of solutions to help you build stronger teams, organizations, and functional groups.

You can see Kannetic's Team & Organizational Performance Solutions here. 

Here are 7 ways these solutions help you boost your team and organization's performance.

1) Conduct rapid problem-solving aimed at practical action

Kannetic is designed to make group deliberation and problem-solving incredibly efficient and powerful. Kannetic enables you to rapidly align on your largest improvement opportunities and then quickly take practical actions to capture them.

2) Leverage your full team intelligence

The best problem-solving in the world doesn't happen in the mind of one individual.  It happens when groups are able to effectively leverage their full intelligence together.  All too often, however, team problem-solving is chaotic, irrational, and prone to getting lost in minor tangents.  Kannetic helps your team focus the full power of its collective intelligence together on addressing your most critical challenges.

3) Build team buy-in

The most common reason that performance improvement efforts fail is that there simply is not sufficient buy-in or shared understanding across employees.  Kannetic is designed to foster action alignment and common purpose across team members.

4)  Address root causes

Most group performance measurement systems focus on measuring outcomes – but overlook the inputs and drivers that lead to performance outcomes.  Kannetic helps you address the core capabilities and drivers which enable better performance.

5) Rapidly tap external insights

While no one knows better than your own team what your biggest challenges are - it is helpful when solving those challenges to quickly see what others in your same situation have done. Kannetic's improvement action libraries let you rapidly tap the wisdom of others, while setting an improvement path that is custom to your unique team.

6) Stay accountable together

The second most common reason that performance improvement efforts fail is that they are not sufficiently tracked over time.   There may be a good plan about how to improve performance and initial enthusiasm to execute on it, but without review even the best plans are rapidly ignored and forgotten.  Kannetic helps you nimbly stay accountable together to your performance improvement plans and goals with easy, social tracking.

7) Make improvement fun

For many employees, the idea of organizational performance improvement conjures up anxiety and dread.  They imagine some new management philosophy that  will be imposed on them to learn and recite, or budget cutbacks that may hurt them.  Kannetic makes performance improvement a participatory team sport where everybody contributes their perspectives and insights as part of a collaborative effort to get better together.