Collaboratively Creating Company Culture


From attracting top talent, to fostering innovation, to ensuring quality execution, culture is a critical component of business success.  This fact is commonly accepted.  

The question is what to do to create a high performing company culture? Most of the consulting approaches and HR tools for creating a high performing culture adopt a psychological perspective to company culture.  This perspective approaches culture as a sort of personality or set of universal forces that characterize a company’s psyche.  Out of this perspective comes the common quest to define the perfect set of cultural characteristics which give rise to the mythical beast called “The High Performing Organization.”  (This is an actual academic term.)  In answer to this quest, literally hundreds of frameworks and diagrams have been created to map out what a high performing corporate culture is.

Unfortunately, there is in reality no single answer about how to create a high performing company culture - and no guru waiting in the Himalayas who can tell you exactly what that answer is.  Instead, there are multiple paths to a high performing culture - and your company’s path is dependent upon your unique context, market, goals, and strategy.  Indeed, no one knows better the unique challenges, goals, context, and dynamics of your business than you and your team - and so no one knows better than you, what a high performing culture for your organization is.

In some ways this makes creating your ideal company culture incredibly simple - there is no secret knowledge that you need to uncover in the fire of a sweat lodge.   The difficult part, however, is not in defining what your culture should be - you have probably already defined an ideal culture or set of company values.  The difficult part of culture is agreeing across your leaders and employees on what that culture means in practice, whether you are living up to it, and what specifically you should do together to promote it.

Culture is the only dimension of a company that every single employee can impact - for better or for worse - every single day.  And while it is cliche to say that company culture must be set from the top - culture is strongest when everyone in your company is engaged in creating it.  

Kannetic’s Culture Builder solution makes the difficult task of collaboratively building a high performing company culture easier and more time efficient than ever before.

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