Build a Higher Performing Culture

Numerous studies have all reached the same conclusion - company culture is a key driver of business performance.  While the exact impact of company culture is hard to quantify, studies have found that high performing company culture can result in anywhere from 20-30% differential in business performance.

Creating an outstanding company culture does not only lead to more productive, creative, and engaged workers - it also attracts top talent, especially amongst millennials.  On average, a study by Fidelity Investments found that millennials are willing to give up $7,600 in salary every year to work at a job that provided a better environment for them.

Though it is often noted that company culture starts from the top - culture is most powerful when it is created together, engaging employees across a company in identifying where and how it can create a more vibrant, attractive, and higher performing culture.  

The Kannetic Culture Builder allows you to rapidly engage your employees to identify where and how you can improve your culture against 30 dimensions that research has shown as important for creating high performing company culture, align on specific actions you can take to drive cultural improvements, and then track yourselves together as you work to develop a higher performing company culture.

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Kannetic Company Culture Solution Delivery Partners

Kannetic Delivery Partners help lead workshops using Kannetic solutions and can provide on-going consulting support to help you capture performance improvement opportunities you identify in your Kannetic assessment.

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Erica Howard

Erica is a leadership coach and organizational consultant with 15+ years experience leading talent and culture initiatives.   Her project portfolio spans leadership assessment and coaching, people development and talent management, organization design and culture management.  She has previously worked in talent and organizational performance at a global consulting firm and as a corporate talent and culture development leader.