How to review the standard performance driver framework included in your subscription?

Each Kannetic Solution is built around a standard performance driver framework specific to that solution. You can see the standard performance driver framework in your solution when you first login as an administrator, by scrolling to the bottom of the Opportunity Poll and selecting "Skip poll & view results."

You will then see an empty version of your subscription’s Opportunity Report which includes all of the standard performance drivers and categories for your solution.

You can also see the solution framework in the administrator panel to the right of your Opportunity Poll under the heading “Hide Performance Areas.”

How to omit performance areas you do not wish to include in your team’s Opportunity Poll and report?

Administrators can hide performance areas they wish to exclude in the Opportunity Poll and Opportunity Report for their subscription. To do this, select the areas you wish to hide in the "Hide Performance Areas" box of your administrator controls and select "Submit Areas to Hide." This can only be done during the Prioritize stage.

How to add new custom performance areas to your subscription?

Kannetic can customize your subscription to add any additional performance areas you would like onto your subscription’s performance driver framework. This customization should be done before adding users other than the administrator onto your subscription When your subscription is customized by adding new performance areas, it will be completely refreshed and any users other than the administrator will need to be re-added.

To add additional performance areas onto your subscription, send an email to specifying the performance drivers you would like to add to your subscription.

There is a customization fee of $299 each time you update your subscription performance driver framework.

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