Build a More Diverse & Inclusive Organization


There is a growing recognition that the key to making progress in diversity and inclusion is engaging managers and employees across your organization in diversity efforts.  A recent Harvard Business Review article found through an extensive review of diversity efforts across 800 firms that while most corporate diversity programs failed to yield results, one of the keys to successful diversity programs was actively engaging managers in problem solving to better address diversity & inclusion.  Similarly a recent article in the McKinsey Quarterly argues that democratizing diversity beyond a top down goals and programs to include input and engagement from employees across the organization is a critical aid to diversity & inclusion progress.

The Kannetic Diversity & Inclusion solution allows you to do just this - rapidly gather feedback from your leaders, managers and employees against 90 dimensions of Diversity & Inclusion.  Unlike traditional assessments aimed at measuring employees, the Kannetic Diversity & Inclusion solution allows you to rapidly engage your people in collective problem solving about where and how you can improve diversity & inclusion in your organization.