Improve Employee Engagement

The evidence is undeniably clear - employee engagement drives company performance.  Engaged employees perform better, turnover less often, and promote their company to their friends and family.  In response to this evidence, the employee engagement survey has risen to near ubiquity over the last three decades. Millions and millions of employees have taken engagement surveys - some year after year.  Employee engagement surveys are the single most common tool companies use to measure and manage employee culture and engagement. However, the actual results of all this engagement surveying has not been great: 2/3 of employees are not engaged, most executives find engagement initiatives produced no meaningful value, and developing a high performing culture remains a key unsolved strategic challenge for most companies.  

The problem with traditional employee engagement surveys is that they are themselves tools of disengagement.  They treat employees as objects to be measured - rather than subjects to be engaged.  They are rooted in a command-and-control, industrial view of organizations – where value is produced in organizations by fitting employees like cogs into a standard set of routines and processes.  You measure people, you monitor people, and you keep them producing as cost effectively as possible.

The Kannetic Engagement Builder takes a different approach.  It engages your employees' collective intelligence to help you identify where you can improve engagement and how.  Engagement Builder allows your employees to rapidly provide feedback against 70 dimensions that research has shown as important for engaging employees, align on specific actions you can take to drive engagement, and then track yourselves together as you work to develop a more engaging workplace.

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