Healthy Employees = Productive Companies


Research has shown that companies which offer employee wellness programs have less sick leave, lower health insurance and disability costs, and more productive employees.  Company wellness programs are also increasingly important in attracting top talent - especially as millennial workers look to the culture of a company as a critical factor in where they choose to work.

The best way to identify where and how your company can better support employee wellness is to engage employees themselves in assessing where and how they would like to see greater wellness support.  By engaging employees in this assessment, you will be most likely to focus on wellness activities that they will actually use and which will help them.  

The Kannetic Employee Wellness Support Assessment allows you to rapidly gather feedback from your employees about where and how you can better support 6 dimensions of employee and workplace health:  1) Environmental, 2) Physical, 3) Emotional, 4) Social, 5) Intellectual, and 6) Financial.