Example Team Announcement Email


Dear Team,

It is critical that we regularly take the time to ask ourselves where we have opportunities to improve our performance.

To help us along this path, we have decided to use a Kannetic solution. Kannetic will help us efficiently identify together where we need to improve & what actions we can take to do better. 

I will be adding you soon to our team's subscription. When I do, you will receive two emails from Kannetic. The first email will provide you a password to login to the Kannetic platform. The second email will invite you to login to our team’s subscription where you can take our team “Opportunity Poll.” This poll will allow us to see our collective perspective on where we feel we are strongest as a team and where we need to improve.

I am looking forward to our discussions and to aligning on practical steps that we can take to work better together.

Thanks, as always,

Jane Doe