Retrospectives are team performance improvement discussions aimed at understanding what a team is doing well, where it can improve, and how it can improve.  Retrospectives are a core component of agile approaches to teamwork.  Kannetic Solutions enable anyone to easily conduct a structured, functionally specific retrospective. The Kannetic Quick Start Guide shows you how you can use a Kannetic Solution to facilitate a structured retrospective with your team.  

Facilitated Retrospectives

Kannetic and our partners can also facilitate a retrospective with your team using a Kannetic Solution, if you would prefer to have a third-party facilitating this conversation.  Facilitated retrospectives can be used during team retreats and off-sites, as part of annual strategic planning processes, or anytime you would like the team to consider strategic opportunities to work better together.  Facilitated retrospectives are generally 90 to 120 minute sessions - but can be shorter or longer as needed.  Contact us here to learn more about facilitated retrospectives.