Participant FAQs

Getting Started

What is a subscription participant and subscription administrator?

All Kannetic subscriptions have one administrator and an unlimited number of participants. Participants can login to the subscription, participate in the opportunity & progress tracker polls, comment and vote on opportunity reports and action lists, and view the progress of tracker reports. Participants can be added at any time and at any stage of the Kannetic process.

The subscription administrator has a slightly different subscription interface than that of participants. The administrator view allows administrators to add and remove participants, send out poll reminders, select performance areas for improvement, add custom actions to action lists, select improvement actions, trigger progress tracker polls, and start new iterations of the subscription. Administrators can also participate in the opportunity and progress tracking polls - or can choose to skip them.

How do I login?

You can only login into Kannetic if you have been invited to a Kannetic subscription. The first time you are invited to a Kannetic subscription, you will receive two emails - a Registration email and a subscription Welcome email. You must first use the link in the Registration email to set your password for Kannetic. You will then be able to access your team's subscription either from your "My Subscriptions" dashboard once you are logged into the Kannetic portal or by using the link in your Welcome email.

If you do not see a registration email or if you forgot your password, you can go to and click "Forgot Password?" to reset a password and then login.



How do I navigate between stages in a subscription?

You can click on each of the three stages in the flow chart at the top of your screen to move between them. You will not see any content in the Plan and Track stage, until your team has advanced to those stages.

How do I navigate between my subscriptions?

Click on the Kannetic logo at the top left of any page to go to your "My Subscriptions" dashboard. From the dashboard, you can click on any subscription you are part of to access it.


How do I take my Opportunity Poll?

When participants first enter a new Kannetic subscription they will be able to take the Opportunity Poll, up to the point where improvement opportunities have been selected. Once improvement priorities are selected for the subscription, the poll will no longer be available. Until improvement opportunities are selected, new participants cannot see the Opportunity Report unless they have completed the Opportunity Poll.

How do I view Opportunity Poll results by Overall Sentiment?

Click on the drop down menu at the right of the Opportunity Report results bar.

How do I comment online?

Click on the chat icon next to any performance area or action to comment on that performance area or action.

You can leave comments, ask questions, and reply to other participants’ comments. Comments and replies are attributed to the person who wrote them, and can be read by all participants taking part in your subscription.


How do I like/dislike actions?

Click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon found next to each action. Your selection will be shaded grey. The total number of likes or dislikes across all participants is shown within the parentheses.


How do I take the Progress Tracker Poll?

You will receive an email every three months after your team's action plan has been selected inviting you to login to Kannetic and take your Progress Tracker Poll.

After you have taken the poll, you will see aggregated results across all subscription participants.

Administrator FAQs

Getting Started

Can I customize my subscription?

Each Kannetic Solution is built around a standard performance driver framework specific to that solution. You can see the standard performance driver framework in your solution when you first login as an administrator, by scrolling to the bottom of the Opportunity Poll and selecting "Skip poll & view results." You will then see an empty version of your subscription’s Opportunity Report which includes all of the standard performance drivers and categories for your solution.

You can also see the solution framework in the administrator panel to the right of your Opportunity Poll under the heading “Hide Performance Areas.”

There are two ways you can customize your Kannetic Subscription.

1. Omit performance areas you do not wish to include in your team’s Opportunity Poll and Opportunity Report.

2. Customize your subscription by adding additional performance areas to your subscription.


1. Omitting Opportunity Areas: Administrators can hide performance areas they wish to exclude in the Opportunity Poll and Opportunity Report for their subscription. To do this, select the areas you wish to hide in the "Hide Performance Areas" box of your administrator controls and select "Submit Areas to Hide." This can only be done during the Prioritize stage.

2. Adding Performance Areas: Kannetic can customize your subscription to add any additional performance areas you would like onto your subscription’s performance driver framework. This customization should be done before adding users other than the administrator onto your subscription When your subscription is customized by adding new performance areas, it will be completely refreshed and any users other than the administrator will need to be re-added.

To add additional performance areas onto your subscription, send an email to specifying the performance drivers you would like to add to your subscription.

There is a customization fee of $299 each time you update your subscription performance driver framework.

How do I add participants?

Click "Manage Participants" in your participants sidebar.

From your Manage Users screen, you can then add new users one at a time or you can import a CSV file containing a list of names & emails. If you choose to upload a CSV file, you can download a template to be used in your upload. Remember that once you add or import a new participant, they will automatically be invited to take the Opportunity Poll for your subscription (unless you are adding new users after you already selected improvement opportunities for your team, in which case your Opportunity Poll is closed). If this is the first time they are using Kannetic, they will also receive an email inviting them to register with Kannetic and set their password.

 Please note that once you add a participant to a subscription they will automatically be invited to take the subscription Opportunity Poll (unless you have already moved into the Plan phase.) Also, all participants will be able to see the latest Opportunity Poll results real-time as soon as they have completed their Opportunity Poll themselves.

If you administer more than one team, be sure to select the right subscription to which you wish to add the new user(s).

How do I remove participants?

Hover over a participant's name in your participants sidebar, then click on the minus icon.

You will be asked to confirm removal of the participant.


Can I skip the Opportunity Poll?

Yes. Only administrators can skip the Opportunity Poll by clicking "Skip poll & view results" at the bottom of the poll.

How do I remind participants to take the Opportunity Poll?

Click "Send a reminder email" from your participants sidebar to send participants who have not yet taken the poll a reminder note.

How do I select improvement opportunities?

Select priority improvement area boxes directly in your Opportunity Report; then click "Submit improvement opportunities" at the bottom of your screen.

You can reselect improvement opportunities up until the point where you have selected improvement actions and ended the Plan stage.


How do I add a custom action?

Only you, as the administrator, can add new custom actions to your subscription. You can add actions to specific improvement opportunities by clicking "Add an action" at the bottom of the action list of that opportunity.

You can then continue and type in your custom action.

Your action will then appear in the list of potential actions for that improvement opportunity - where participants can then comment and vote on it. You will be able to select it as part of your action plan, and if you do, it will be included in your quarterly Progress Tracker Poll.

How do I select improvement actions?

Select the boxes next to each action that you plan to take and then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen. You must select at least one action for each improvement opportunity area.

When you submit improvement actions, all participants will now see in their Plan screen only the actions you plan to take. Every three months after you submit an action plan, participants will automatically receive a Progress Tracker Poll. You can also initiate a Tracker Poll at any time manually.


How do I change an action plan?

Click on the Plan stage in the flow chart to return to your planning screen.

Uncheck the boxes of actions you will no longer take & select the boxes of the new additional actions you plan on taking. Then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen. You must select at least one action for each improvement opportunity area.

How do I manually trigger a Progress Tracker Poll?

Tracker polls are automatically generated every three months. If you would like to trigger a new tracker poll at an earlier date, just click "Send Tracker Now" from your administrator controls and then confirm that you want to send the tracker now.

How do I restart the process?

Click "Start a New Iteration" from your administrator sidebar.

Confirm that you are ready to start again – and your subscription will initiate a new Opportunity Poll to all participants, allowing you to embark on an ongoing cycle of performance improvement.

When you start a new iteration, all users will see in their "My Subscriptions screen," a tile which allows them to access the results for your old iteration, as well as a tile to access your new iteration. If you would like to refresh your subscription entirely, so that old iterations are not visible to participants, we can refresh your subscription entirely. If you would like us to do this, please contact Kannetic support and let us know that you would like your subscription refreshed. When we do this, all participants except the administrator will also be removed from your subscription - so you will need to re-add any participants.