Step 1: Register and Login to Kannetic

You can only login into Kannetic if you have been invited to a Kannetic subscription. The first time you are invited to a Kannetic subscription, you will receive two emails - a Registration email and a subscription Welcome email. You must first use the link in the Registration email to set your password for Kannetic. You will then be able to access your subscription either from your "My Subscriptions" dashboard once you are logged into the Kannetic portal or by using the link in your Welcome email.

If you do not see a registration email or if you forgot your password, you can go to and click "Forgot Password?" to reset a password and then login.



Step 2: Determine Any Areas You Want to Omit From Feedback

Each Kannetic Solution is built around a standard performance driver framework specific to that solution. When you log in to your subscription, you can see the standard performance driver framework for it in the administrator panel to the right of your Opportunity Poll under the heading “Hide Performance Areas.”

To omit performance areas which you do not want to include in your feedback, select the areas you wish to omit in the "Hide Performance Areas" box and select "Submit Areas to Hide."

Step 3. Invite Participants to Your Subscription

You can invite as participants to your subscription anyone whom you would like to provide you feedback. This could include peers, co-workers, mentors, supervisors, people you manage, or other business partners. It is entirely up to you who you would like to include. You can add new participants to your subscription and remove existing ones at any time and at any stage of the process.

First, inform the people you plan to invite to your subscription know that you will be using Kannetic to ask for feedback. Let them know that they will be receiving an email inviting them to take a short confidential feedback poll.

Once you have done this, to add participants, click "Manage Participants" in your participants sidebar.

From your Manage Users screen, you can then "Add New Users." Once you add a user, they will automatically be invited to take the feedback poll for your subscription. If this is the first time they are using Kannetic, they will also receive an email inviting them to register with Kannetic and set their password.

Please note: Everyone who you invite to your subscription will automatically be invited to take your feedback poll and once they complete the poll will have full access to see your current results. The goal here is to engage people you trust as a transparent support community who can help you get better.

You alone, as the subscription administrator, can choose choose whether you want to take the poll for yourself or to skip it. Skip the poll by clicking "Skip poll & view results" at the bottom of the poll page.

If participants miss their initial registration email or forget their password at any time, it is simple to reset their login.  

They go to: 

Click “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions to reset their password and login.

Note: after you select improvement opportunities, new users will no longer be asked to take the feedback poll.

Step 4. Select Priority Improvement Opportunities

Once participants have completed the poll, you can see their results and even discuss the results with them. The goal now is to choose 1-3 areas to prioritize improvement in your performance.

At this time, you can decide if you want to continue to engage poll participants to help you identify specific actions you can take to improve in prioritized areas and to help you track your improvement progress in these areas. If you do not want to continue engaging your participants, you can simply remove them from your subscription.

To remove participants, hover over a participant's name in your "Participants" sidebar, then click the minus icon.

You will be asked to confirm removal of the participant from your subscription.

Once you have decided on your performance improvement opportunities, you can select these priority improvement areas using the boxes directly in your administrator view of poll results. After you have checked the improvement opportunities, click "Submit improvement opportunities" at the bottom of your screen.

Step 5: Plan Improvement Actions

With your improvement priorities selected, it is now time to move forward to the Plan stage of the Kannetic process. You will find in the Plan screen, your Prioritized Improvement Opportunities – and the ability to add a list of Potential Improvement Actions for each opportunity. If you would like to ask the people you invited to provide you feedback to help you identify specific actions you can take to improve, they can login and provide suggestions in the discuss box of the first action on your lists.

You can add potential actions to improvement opportunities by clicking "Add an action" at the bottom of the action list for that opportunity.

You can then proceed to type in your custom action.

Your action will then appear on the list of potential actions for that improvement opportunity.

You can also invite subscription participants to provide you feedback on your potential improvement actions using the the thumbs up and thumbs down icons next to each. When participants click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icons, their selection is shaded grey on their own screens. The total number of likes or dislikes across all participants is shown within parentheses.

Similar to the Prioritize stage, the goal of the Plan stage of the Kannetic process is to select a limited number of specific actions you commit to take in order to capture your prioritized improvement opportunities. We recommend you focus on a small number of actions that you know you will actually take – as opposed to a large number of actions you would like to take. You can update your action plan at any time in the future.

The only requirement imposed by Kannetic’s platform is that you must select at least one improvement action for each prioritized improvement area. If you do not plan to take an action to improve in that area, then that area is not a priority. You can simply go back to the Prioritize screen of your subscription by clicking “Prioritize” in the flow chart at the top of the subscription screen, uncheck the performance area where you will not be taking any action, and then re-submit your improvement opportunities. You are able to change your prioritized improvement opportunities up until you have submitted an action plan.

Once you are ready to select actions for your action plan, you will follow a similar process as when you selected performance areas to prioritize for improvement. You simply select the boxes next to each action you intend to take, then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen.

Once you submit improvement opportunities, you will still see the full list of actions, but all other participants will only see the actions you plan to take. After you have submitted your action plan, your subscription will move to the tracking stage of the Kannetic process.

Step 6. Track Progress

Kannetic subscriptions will automatically invite all participants on your subscription to take a Tracker Poll every three months, asking them how you are doing against prioritized improvement opportunities, whether they have seen planned improvement actions happening, and how effective those actions have been.

If you do not wish to track your progress with any of these participants, simply remove them from your subscription before the three month mark occurs. To remove participants, hover over a participant's name in your "Participants" sidebar, then click the minus icon.

You will be asked to confirm removal of the participant from your subscription.

If you do not want to wait three months to track progress, you can initiate a Tracker Poll at any time. If you would like to initiate a new Tracker Poll, just click "Send Tracker Now" from your administrator controls and then confirm "Send Tracker Now".

After participants have taken the Tracker Poll, they will see aggregated results from all subscription participants. Similar to the initial Opportunity Poll, as the administrator, you can choose to skip this poll by clicking the “Skip poll & view results” at the bottom. However, all other participants must take the poll in order to view the results.

The Tracker Poll allows you to rapidly and efficiently tap feedback to check-in on whether you are making progress towards your prioritized improvement opportunities, executing improvement actions effectively, and whether you may need to adjust your action plan to achieve your desired performance improvements.

Option: Adjust Action Plan

The Progress Tracker Poll results provide you with rapid feedback on whether participants believe you are making progress and if all the items in your action plan are working. If you find that participants do not see some actions being implemented or that participants think your actions are not effective, you can determine whether this indicates you need to execute your plan more effectively, better communicate on the actions you are taking, or change the actions in your plan.

If you decide to change your action plan, return to the Plan screen of your subscription. You will be able to add new custom actions if there is an alternative action you want to take which is currently not on your action list. After you have finished adding any new actions, uncheck the boxes of actions you will no longer take & select the boxes of the new actions you plan on taking. Then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen. Again, you must select at least one action for each improvement opportunity area.

After you have resubmitted the actions, participants will see the new action plan when they view their Plan screen.

Step 7. Start a New Iteration

Over time, the goal of the Kannetic process is to see a steady increase in participants agreeing that you are performing well in the performance areas you selected during the Prioritize stage. When you feel you have achieved the desired performance improvements in these areas, you are ready to re-start the process. To do this, click "Start a New Iteration" on your administrator sidebar.

Confirm that you are ready to start again – and your subscription will launch a new Opportunity Poll.

You will now see in your “My Subscriptions screen” of your Kannetic portal two tiles for this subscription. The first tile will be for your old iteration, and the second for the new iteration. Each of these tiles will be labeled with an iteration number and the date the iteration was first created.

When you start a new iteration, all participants will see your old iterations in their "My Subscriptions screen." If you would like to refresh your subscription entirely, so that old iterations are not visible to participants, we can refresh your subscription entirely. If you would like us to do this, please contact Kannetic support and let us know that you would like your subscription refreshed. When we do this, all participants except the administrator will also be removed from your subscription - so you will need to re-add any participants.

When you start a new iteration, all participants will be invited to login to the subscription and take the Opportunity Poll again.

At this time, you may choose to add new participants and remove existing ones from your subscription.

At this time, you will also be able to hide or unhide performance areas for the new iteration. You may decide to unhide any performance areas you previously omitted from your subscription, or to hide any performance areas you do not wish to address in this iteration.

To do this, you can select the areas you wish to hide in the "Hide Performance Areas" box or unselect areas which you previously omitted. Then select "Submit Areas to Hide."

Once participants have taken the new feedback poll for this iteration, you can now repeat the Kannetic process, until you have successfully captured your next set of prioritized improvement opportunities. This brings you back to Step 7 - where you can once again restart the process now with a new iteration. In this way, Kannetic allows you to undertake an agile, ongoing cycle of performance improvement.