(1) Subscribe to a Kannetic Solution.

Your subscription will be activated within 24 hours of signing up.  Once your subscription is activated, you will receive an email with a temporary password to login to Kannetic.  Your username is your email address.  You will also receive a second email welcoming you to your subscription.

You can change your password at any time while logged into Kannetic by clicking your name in the upper right of the screen, then select Account, enter a new password and click Submit Changes.  

If you do not see your password email or forget your password, you can also reset your password by clicking here, then click "Forgot password?" and following instructions.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.55.38 AM.png

(2) Add participants to your subscription. 

You can use Kannetic Solutions live during a real time team meeting, or virtually to hold an on-line dialogue.  First, you want to decide who from your team you want to participate in the Kannetic performance improvement discussion and process.  You can then add these participants to your subscription either by clicking "Add New User" or by clicking "Manage Participants" and then "Add New User."  Participants will automatically receive a Kannetic password email and a welcome email inviting them to take the subscription Opportunity Poll. 

Please note that it sometimes takes up to 10 minutes for participants to receive this email, so if you are using your solution live in a meeting, add participants prior to the start of that meeting.

If participants miss their initial registration email or forget their password at any time, it is simple to reset their login. They can go to: 

Then they can click “Forgot Password?” and follow the instructions to reset their password and login.

Video Instruction: Adding a User

(3) Take Opportunity Poll.

Participants login to Kannetic and take your subscription's Opportunity Poll.  If you are taking the Opportunity Poll live together during a meeting, when everyone is done, refresh your browser to view real-time results.  Note that all participants will be able to see the latest Opportunity Poll results real-time as soon as they have completed their Opportunity Poll themselves.

Participants are also able to use the comment icon next to each assessment area to discuss the area and suggest potential improvement actions you can take for each.  Unlike the opportunity poll which is anonymous, participant comments are attributed to the person who writes them.

Video Instruction: Taking a Poll

(4) Review Opportunity Assessment results together and select priority areas to focus on improving.

Review results together as a team.  You as the administrator can then select improvement opportunities - by selecting the box next to that opportunity area and clicking "Submit improvement opportunities" at the bottom of the screen.   


Video Instructions: Sorting Opportunity Assessment Results

Video Instructions: Selecting an Improvement Opportunity




(5) Brainstorm potential improvement actions for your team.  

Now it is time to discuss what your team can do to improve in the improvement areas you selected.  For some solutions, you will also find a starting set of potential improvement actions.  Your team can review this starter list and then brainstorm additional actions specific to your circumstances.   

For other solutions, there will not be a starter list of actions, but a single entry for each improvement opportunity area inviting participants to use the discuss icons to suggest ideas they have of specific actions you can take to improve. 

As your team is brainstorms new potential improvement actions, you as the administrator can add their ideas onto the potential improvement action list by clicking "Add an action."  

Video Instructions: Adding an Action

(6) Like & dislike potential improvement actions.  

When you have finished brainstorming, invite participants to click on the Plan arrow and go to the Plan screen of your subscription.  Participants can now read over the full list of potential improvement actions for the area you would like to improve.   Invite participants to take a few moments to like or dislike potential improvement actions using the thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons.  They can also comment on actions using the comment icon.  Refresh your browser to see participant perspectives real-time.  You will see the aggregate thumbs-up and thumbs-down scores across participants in parentheses.  Discuss the results, and if new ideas for improvement actions come up in this discussion - you can add these also onto your potential action list.

Video Instructions: Liking & Disliking an Action

(7) Select an improvement action plan. 

Continue to discuss improvement actions with the team until you have identified one or two actions you will take for each of your prioritized improvement opportunities.  Once you are ready to select actions to commit to taking, check the boxes of these actions and then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen.

When you submit improvement actions, all participants except the administrator will now see in their Plan screen only the actions you plan to take.

Video Instructions: Selecting Actions



(8) Take Progress Tracker Poll.  

Every three months after you submit an action plan, participants will automatically receive an email inviting them to take a Progress Assessment.  The Progress Assessment will ask all participants how your team or organization is doing against prioritized improvement opportunities, whether they have seen planned improvement actions being applied, and how effective those actions have been.

To take the Tracker Poll, each of you logs into your subscription.   If you don't see the poll, click the Track arrow in the upper ribbon.  Be sure to complete every question in the poll.  A few pointers:

  • You must select Yes or No answers for each question about how you are doing on your prioritized improvement areas

  • You must select Yes or No as to whether you have tried to take each action included in your action plan

  • For any action you have tried to take, you must rank how effective you feel that action has been on a 5 star scale (five stars is the highest rating.)

When everyone has completed the Progress Tracker Poll, refresh your browser to see all results.

If you do not want to wait three months to track progress, you as the subscription administrator, can initiate a Tracker Poll at any time. If you would like to initiate a new Tracker Poll at an earlier date, just click "Send Tracker Now" from your administrator controls and then confirm that you want to send the tracker now.

Video Instructions: Initiating a Tracker Poll

Video Instructions: Taking a Tracker Poll

(9) Review Progress Assessment results together and adjust action plan as needed.  

After participants have taken the Progress Tracker Poll, they will automatically see latest aggregated results across all subscription participants. 

The Progress Tracker Poll results provide you with rapid feedback on whether participants believe you are making progress and if all the items in your action plan are working. If you decide to change your action plan, return to the Plan screen of your subscription by clicking the Plan arrow in the upper ribbon. You will be able to add a new custom action if there is an alternative action you want to take which is currently not on your action list. Or you can select a new action from your list.  

After you have finished adding any new actions, to modify your action plan, uncheck the boxes of actions you will no longer take & select the boxes of the new actions you plan on taking. Then click "Submit selected action plan" at the bottom of your screen. You must select at least one action for each improvement opportunity area.

After you have resubmitted the actions, participants will see the new action plan when they view their Plan screen and these actions will be included in the next Progress Tracker Poll.

(10) Restart the process to select a new set of improvement opportunities. 

Over time, the goal of the Kannetic process is to see a steady increase in participants agreeing that you are performing well in you prioritized improvement opportunity. When you feel you have achieved the desired performance improvements in this area, you are ready to re-start the process. To do this, click "Start a New Iteration" on your administrator sidebar.

Confirm that you are ready to start again – and all participants will automatically be invited to login to the subscription and take the Opportunity Poll again.   This allows you to restart the entire performance improvement cycle - with new prioritized improvement opportunities.  Once participants have taken the new Opportunity Poll for this iteration, you can return to Step 4 above. You can now repeat the improvement cycle, until you have successfully achieved your next prioritized improvement opportunity. This brings you back to Step 10 - where you can once again restart the process with a new iteration. In this way, Kannetic allows you to undertake an agile, ongoing cycle of performance improvement.

Video Instructions: Starting a New Iteration

When you start a new iteration, participants will now see in the “My Subscriptions screen” of their Kannetic portal different tiles for this subscription. Each of these tiles will be labeled with an iteration number and the date the iteration was first created.