The role of HR is changing - Are you ready to win with talent?


The HR function is undergoing tremendous transformation.  Companies are increasingly looking to the Human Resources team to go beyond human capital administration to become a key strategic partner in driving business performance through talent.  HR organizations are experimenting with new shared service, center of excellence, and operational consulting models of delivering their services.  CHROs are playing an increasing role in setting business strategy and vision.  And many companies are abandoning the term Human Resources entirely in favor of functional titles that focus on People, Culture, and Talent.

Regardless of how you structure or what you call your Human Resources team, taking the time to assess which human capital activities you are performing well and where you can improve is critical to ensuring that your company can win with talent.  Such as assessment should involve the input of HR leaders and the HR team; as well as representatives of the business teams they serve.

The Kannetic HR Effectiveness Assessment allows you to rapidly gather feedback from your HR team and business partners against over 50 dimensions of HR effectiveness across 4 key categories:  1) Core HR Activities, 2) Advanced HR Activities, 3) Strategic HR Activities, and 4) HR-Business Partnership.