Network Optimizer combines the power of organizational network analysis with Kannetic's performance improvement platform

Underpinning the performance of any successful team or organization are networks of communication, influence, and mentorship.  Understanding these networks can unlock hidden opportunities to build more effective, productive, and engaged employees.  Kannetic's Network Optimizer solution was developed in partnership with Polinode - the provider of a powerful organizational network analysis platform. 

Network Optimizer is delivered through a two step facilitated process

1. Map your network

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With a simple 3 question survey, we use Polinode to provide a map of your organization or team's communication, influence, and mentorship networks

2. Prioritize and plan improvements


We then use Kannetic's Network Optimizer solution to facilitate a review session to identify opportunities and plan actions to optimize your organizational network

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Progress Tracking Option

You can continue using Kannetic's Network Optimizer solution ongoing to track improvement action execution and ensure you are creating a more effective and productive organizational network

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