Partner Stories: Why partner with Kannetic?

Using Kannetic Solutions

Maketa Wilborn, Maketa Wilborn Consulting

The Kannetic Team Builder is an incredible value add for my clients - as it guides and supports the team throughout our team development process.  

Kannetic Team Builder creates a solid foundation for deeper dialogue and exploration when the team comes together after taking the opportunity poll.  Having this insight from the entire team upfront also enables me to shift my meeting design based on those results to ensure that I am engaging the team at the right level on the right issues and opportunities.   Team leaders also get upfront information that helps them understand where their team is so that they can be prepared to respond strategically and effectively in the meeting.

The platform supports engagement and buy-in when the team is planning for action and the progress poll helps the team to check-in and course correct as needed without requiring me to lead another meeting.  This platform allows me to better leverage my time and energy with each of the teams that I am working with.

Building a Partner Solution

Stan Kimer, Total Engagement Consulting


When I set up demonstrations of Kannetic's technology with some of my clients, they loved the intuitive ease of the application along with the team-based collaborative methodology.  I then realized this would be an ideal platform to systematize my vast experience of LGBT diversity into an application that companies could cost-effectively leverage. 

I worked with Kannetic to build and launch my new LGBT Inclusion Builder application on Kannetic’s cloud-based application platform.  I am thrilled to provide my clients a tool for them to collaboratively assess, plan and track actions to execute their gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender diversity initiatives. The process to build the application was very straight-forward, and Kannetic was easy to work with and very responsive.  I can easily see how this platform can be used in a variety of business settings where team collaboration is part of the process.

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