Note to panelists: We have received feedback that offering the sales culture solution for a price and having an affiliate program was too commercial, so have taken both down.  Apologies.  We were hoping it might instead generate interest in Kannetic's learning model and vision of collective intelligence.  The goal of Kannetic is to find ways to generate systems of mass collective intelligence, which basically become living scientific models that can aggregate team experience and learn over time from groups.  It looks like this attempt to aggregate and then make available collective intelligence failed to do that.  You are still welcome to use the solution for free if you would like, but we have taken it down from our public site.

The Kannetic Sales Culture Coach helps you build a higher performing culture in your sales teams

An effective sales team is about more than just a collection of high performing salespeople.  The culture of a sales team is critical to driving the success of both individual sales reps and of the team as a whole.  The Kannetic Sales Culture Coach is an online application that enables sales teams and organizations to take an agile, continuous, data-driven, and collaborative approach to building an ever higher performing sales culture. The Sales Culture Coach helps sales leaders and teams objectively assess together the strengths and challenges in their culture, identify a few specific steps they can take to build a higher performing culture, and then stay accountable together to ensure they make progress.

Kannetic Sales Culture Coach is easy to use and flexible.  It can be administered simply by team leaders, team members, and external consultants and coaches.  You can use it just with a small group of sales leaders who want to reflect on how to improve their team culture, you can use it with your entire sales team, or anywhere in between.  The Sales Culture Coach requires no complicated set up and can be integrated into existing team meetings and processes.  Most importantly, it is a time efficient process, based on research conducted with sales leaders from across industries. Through just a few hours a year of focused conversation with your team, the Sales Culture Coach helps you to build together an ever stronger and higher performing sales culture.

How Does it Work?

The Sales Culture Coach helps you apply research-driven insight about what creates high performing sales team culture through a rapid structured dialogue with your sales leaders and/or sales reps.  In particular, the Sales Culture Coach helps you assess and build the 10 most critical dimmensions of a high performing sales culture:

  • Salesperson passion & persistence

  • Celebration & recognition of success

  • Open, honest & candid communication

  • Sales rep ownership & follow-up

  • Feedback & coaching

  • Accountability to goals

  • Accountability to customers

  • Realistic goal setting

  • Attention to customer experience & personalization

  • Collaborative team mentality

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Kannetic’s Sales Culture Coach solution makes it easy for your sales leaders or entire team to assess itself against these dimensions, build buy-in around an action plan to capture your largest improvement opportunities, and then accountably track yourself to ensure you make progress in these improvement areas. 

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