Build a More Effective Sales Organization

Sales is a complex and ever-changing activity.  Technological advances in sales automation, artificial intelligence, social selling are rapidly transforming the way that sales is done.  At the same time, the core fundamentals of effective selling remain - and have not become any less challenging.  In the midst of these rapid changes, trying to understand where and how to focus your sales improvement efforts can be daunting.  There are 101 sales gurus ready to tell you the next great secret to unlock your sales team potential.  And there are as many opinions about what you need to do to grow revenue as their are people in your sales organization.

The starting point for sorting through where and how to improve your sales organization performance is to take stock with your own team and with your business partners of what your sales organization is doing well and what it most needs to improve.  The Kannetic Sales Effectiveness Assessment allows you to do just this.  The assessment helps you rapidly gather feedback from your sales leaders, team and business partners against over 80 dimensions of sales organization effectiveness across 5 key categories:  1) Sales Fundamentals, 2) Sales Process, 3) Sales Systems, 4) Sales Culture, and 5) Cross Functional Collaboration.

 Sales Organization Effectiveness Solution Pricing