Build a More Effective Software Engineering Organization

No functional organization has had a more profound impact on our economy or world over the last twenty years than software engineering.  During this same time, software organizations have themselves experienced profound changes.  The emergence of agile methodologies, cloud delivery of applications, DevOps, and new technologies for managing software code bases and processes have all transformed the way software engineering organizations work.  Amidst these many changes, there is no single simple metric for measuring the effectiveness of software organizations and no one silver bullet that will magically create a high performing software organization.  Building an effective software engineering organization is a complex, multi-dimensional challenge.

The Kannetic Software Engineering Organization Assessment allows you to rapidly gather feedback from your engineering leaders, teams and business partners against over 65 dimensions of software engineering effectiveness across 7 key categories:  1) business outcomes, 2) productivity, 3) quality, 4) operations, 5) process, 6) culture, and 7) cross-functional collaboration.  It then helps you and your team to rapidly identify specific actions you can take to improve in areas where you have the largest opportunities to drive improvement.