Creating a winning strategy is not about a single framework, insight or statement of priorities.  Creating a winning strategy - like every other corporate function - is about building an effective process.   An effective strategy process is not simply about annual strategic planning.  Companies that approach strategy development as an ongoing activity - rather than a once a year ritual - are more likely to develop effective strategy and to achieve greater profitability than their competitors.  More importantly, an effective strategy process is about more than just documenting financial projections into a plan. 

An effective strategy process marshals insights, data, and perspectives from both internal and external sources.  It involves synthesizing facts about evolving customer needs & buying patterns, technological & regulatory trends, new business & delivery models, competitive landscape changes, and variable growth rates across granular market segments.  An effective strategy process involves using data and insight to develop a vision of where markets are going and how your company or business unit can create the most value in them; as well as the ability to rapidly test new strategic ideas via low cost experiments.  In short, an effective strategy process involves a range of capabilities and activities.  While some of these capabilities and activities are more important than others for different industries and companies, there is no industry where effective strategy simply emerges from a few conversations or a single visionary's mind.

The Kannetic Strategy Capabilities Solution allows you to rapidly generate a starting baseline of feedback on your company's strategic process and activities.  We then follow this up with in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to explore in more depth the results and identify priority opportunities for improvement.

The Strategy Capabilities Assessment is delivered by Kan Strategy, Kannetic's strategic consulting and research arm.

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