Kannetic Team Coach Helps Your Team Become a Higher Performing Team

The Kannetic Team Coach is an online application that enables teams to take an agile, continuous, data-driven, and collaborative approach to working better together. The Team Coach helps teams objectively assess together the strengths and challenges in their teamwork, identify a few specific steps they can take to improve in their most challenging areas, and then stay accountable together to ensure they make progress improving their team performance.

Kannetic Team Coach is easy to use and flexible.  It can be administered simply by team leaders, team members, HR business representatives, and external consultants and coaches.  It requires no complicated set up and can be integrated into existing team meetings and processes.  Through just a few hours a year of focused conversation with your team, the Team Coach helps you to build together ever stronger and more effective teamwork.

How Does It Work?

The Team Coach helps you apply research-driven insight about what creates successful teams through a rapid structured dialogue with your team members.  Decades of scientific research and industry practice have shown there are 10 essential elements of effective teaming:

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  • A sense of dependability across team members
  • A sense of mutual respect & trust across team members

  • A sense of shared commitment & belonging across team members

  • Team member alignment on a focused set of team priorities

  • Team member alignment on team values

  • Clarity of team decision-making process

  • Clarity of team purpose & impact

  • Clarity of team roles & responsibilities

  • Ability of team members to constructively challenge & conflict with each other

  • Open & honest communication across team members

Kannetic’s Team Coach solution makes it easy for your team to assess itself against these dimensions, build buy-in around an action plan to capture your largest opportunities to improve team performance, and then accountably track yourself to ensure you make progress in these improvement areas. 

Team Coach Pricing


Team Coach Delivery Partners

Kannetic Delivery Partners help lead workshops using Kannetic solutions and can provide on-going consulting support to help you capture performance improvement opportunities you identify in your Kannetic assessment.

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Erica Howard

Erica is a leadership coach and organizational consultant with 15+ years experience leading talent and culture initiatives.   Her project portfolio spans leadership assessment and coaching, people development and talent management, organization design and culture management.  She has previously worked in talent and organizational performance at a global consulting firm and as a corporate talent and culture development leader. 


Susan Nelson

Susan is a talent and change management consultant with 15+ years’ experience advising global organizations and leading talent initiatives. She works collaboratively with clients to strategize and execute global and enterprise-wide initiatives in the areas of talent management, employee engagement, culture management, wellness, and organizational restructuring & transformation. Susan utilizes her first-hand knowledge and experience as she coaches leaders in the area of leadership and team effectiveness.


Jennifer Santoso

Jennifer has an unending drive to optimize the intersection between our work lives and our human experience.  Her belief is that she can best impact this space by positively affecting our leaders, the few who affect many. Her 12-year management-consulting career has woven her through over 40 leaders and 75 projects.   She thrives on aligning disparate teams locally and nationally, and equipping leaders with the insight and systems to thrive.

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