Team Quotient Builder combines the power of live experiential learning with Kannetic's performance improvement platform

No matter how intelligent individual team members are, unless a team is able to effectively work together, they will not achieve their full potential.  Team Quotient Builder combines the power of Escape Room experiential learning with Kannetic's performance improvement platform to develop team capabilities to perform together.  Team Quotient Builder was developed in partnership with Escape Entertainment - the premier provider of Escape Room games. 

Team Quotient Builder is delivered through a facilitated team development session and on-site mobile Escape Room game

1. Collaboratively assess team capabilities to solve complex challenges together

2. Test and hone team performance capabilities through an on-site escape game

C.A.S.E. Games

(Compact Adventure Simulation Experience)


3. Debrief and apply learnings from the escape game to day-to-day team performance


Progress Tracking Option

You can continue using the Team Quotient Builder solution to track progress in team performance capabilities over time

Praise for Escape Entertainment CASE Games

How do you provide Type A leaders with an experiential group dynamics training? The “CASE” was the perfect activity for the high level leadership program I run. It has the sophistication, intellectual challenge and creativity to capture the interest of all participants. The participants were able to reflect both on their roles in solving the puzzles as well as the group dynamic. It was the perfect application exercise for group dynamics, team building, personal leadership, problem solving and strategy.
— Laura Freeman, Director Berrie Fellows Leadership Program
The CASE provided for a very entertaining, invaluable experience for my leadership team. Although we have all worked together for several years, our CASE experience yielded new insight as to how we can work more effectively together and how each of us can best contribute to be a better functioning team. Beyond the personal bonding that resulted from the CASE experience, people continue to apply in our work environment the best practice observations that came from the game. The CASE is a very effective training system that we fully intend to use on an ongoing basis as part of our organizational development initiatives.
— Scott Smith, CEO Biscuits and Bath

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