How Virtual Team Builder Works

1. Prioritize

Collaboratively assess your team against core drivers of virtual team performance to prioritize your largest improvement opportunities.

2. Plan

Plan specific actions your team can take to capture improvement opportunities.  Select from a list of recommended actions or add your own.

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3. Track

Easily track together your action execution and performance progress to ensure you successfully capture your improvement opportunities.

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Virtual Team Builder Expert Panel

The assessment framework and action library included in Virtual Team Builder is based on the input of 40 virtual team experts and consultants.  This solution content reflects the collective input of all panelists into a multi-stage Delphi panel, and not the individual perspective of any particular panelist.  Below are some of the panelists who participated - many of whom offer services for virtual teams that may be useful to you.

Carmela Southers

Senior Consulting Partner/Author, Ken Blanchard Companies

Carol Sommerfield, Ph.D.

Lead Consultant and President, Frog's Leap Consulting, LLC

Delivering interactive training, coaching and tools to help virtual teams reach their full potential.     

Darleen DeRosa, Ph.D.

Managing Partner, OnPoint Consulting

OnPoint has an extensive library of training programs for virtual team leaders and people who collaborate from a distance.  Our book, Virtual Team Success, along with extensive consulting and research in this area, are the foundation for these.    

Dayna S. Fellows

President, WorkLife Performance, Inc. 

Dayna Fellows offers more than 35 years of experience in leadership and professional development, through consulting and training in work/life benefits, programs, and policies, with particular focus on virtual teams and managing a global workforce.     

Debbie Waggoner

President, Nodus, Inc.

We offer consulting and training for Leading Virtual Teams and Effective Virtual Teams.  Our programs include face-to-face training, webinars and consulting.  We specialized in this space for over 15 years and published an eBook on the topic.      

Deirdre Moore

M.A. Information Science

Francis Norman

Consultant, Ulfire Pty Ltd

Ulfire specializes in helping large project virtual teams plan and execute their communications. We combine over 20 years of practical experience with contemporary academic research into how these virtual teams operate.

Gary Edwards

Senior Consultant (Director), Primeast Limited

Primeast facilitates performance improvement in the fields of Leadership, Organisational Development, and Teamwork. The outcome is sustainable performance improvement. For over 30 years working across industry including Energy, Pharma and Technology.

Julia Carter

Director/Virtual Trainer, Zestfor Ltd

High Performing Virtual Team.  High Performing Virtual Leader. Impactful Influencing in a Virtual World. Impactful Meetings. Discover & Optimize Your Strengths. Re-balance: Mindfulness for Virtual Teams. Insights Discovery for Virtual Teams. Development Planning.     

Gudrun Hoehne

Owner/Trainer, The Human Factor

I coach and train people on virtual leadership, virtual teams and effective online meetings. I also conduct team building events and cross-cultural training sessions, especially for virtual and international teams - on-site or online.    

Jackie Black

Director, Digital Business Communication Ltd

Our training provides virtual teams with the communication skills and cultural competence to work effectively across borders. It offers a blend of practical tasks, professional input and personal feedback focussed on maximizing team performance.

John Hester

Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

We offer virtual training (and face-to-face) in Building Trust, Situational Leadership II, and many other skills needed to succeed in virtual teams. In addition, we have a program called "Leading in a Virtual Team."

Kasia Gurgul

Global Leadership Coach (ACC), Mindquest Global

I work with leaders and teams to create a sense of belonging and connection, and provide professional development opportunities through virtual 1:1 coaching and instructor-led training on agile leadership, communication, and diversity & inclusion.  

Korrine Jones

Director, OD Consulting

Korrine specializes in assisting virtual team leaders to maximize the performance and productivity of their teams. She does this by coaching and training virtual team leaders and facilitating online team development processes.    

Lee S. Johnsen

Founder and Principal, Partners in Development (PID)

PID is the leadership, management, and consulting firm committed to strengthening the skills of leaders and their team members worldwide. We specialize in "long distance leadership" of virtual teams and addressing the unique challenges they face.    

Lori Dearman

President and Founder, Virtual Junction

Lori's specialties include web-event management and coaching, online training design and delivery, and improving the effectiveness of virtual teams. Lori brings a wealth of experience from her time at POSCO, Samsung, Univ. of California. and Citrix.    

Lynette Van Steinburg

Virtual Effectiveness Driver, Virtual Effectiveness Consulting

I help leaders, teams, and organizations be more effective in their virtual interactions.     

Mari Anne Snow

CEO and Founder, Sophaya

We are a virtual company that designs, builds and delivers business skill training, custom eLearning content and executive coaching solutions for leaders who manage remote employees, virtual teams and/or a dispersed workforce.     

Mark Kilby

Agile Coach, Sonatype

With over a decade supporting distributed agile teams and organizations, Mark now cultivates online community within, and  His focus: growing learning organizations and serving servant leaders.    

Nancy Settle-Murphy

President, Guided Insights

Nancy offers more than two decades of experience working to strengthen and train global teams.  She is available as a facilitator, trainer, presenter and consultant.  She is also the author of a book and dozens of articles on leading effective virtual teams.

Päivi Lohikoski

CCO, Community Manager, Solved the Cleantech Company

Solved offers global network of experts to solve world´s sustainability challenges in virtual teams. I act as a trusted advisor and future skills coach to enhance virtual collaboration and communication in organizations.    

Dr. Pam Estes Brewer

Associate Professor/Communication Consultant, Mercer University School of Engineering

Dr. Brewer teaches technical communication and consults  with organizations to help them develop highly functioning virtual teams.  Visit her on LinkedIn and join the new LinkedIn group: Remote Teaming Network.      

Pilar Orti

Director, Virtual not Distant  

We help office-based teams make the transition to remote through training, management coaching and team facilitation.     

Ralf Friedrich

CEO, GeProS - German Project Solutions GmbH

GeProS supports virtual teams in performance development through VTMM - Virtual Team Maturity Model.

Sheri L. Mackey

CEO, Luminosity Global Consulting Group

Luminosity enables you to harness the power of employees worldwide. Leveraging proprietary methods, we customize solutions to create high performing virtual teams that are fully integrated, managed and motivated for success.      

Theresa Sigillito Hollema

Cultural Consultant/Virtual Team Coach, Interact Global

Interact focuses on three areas to work internationally: building cultural competence, working virtually, and developing thriving teams. We review academic research and translate this into practical applications for leaders, teams and professionals.

Vicki Flier Hudson

Chief Collaboration Officer, Highroad Global Services, Inc.

Highroad Global Services offers learning solutions for high-performing global virtual teams. Services include cross-cultural training, and interactive webinars on effective communication, leading virtual teams, working with India, and collaboration.    

Wayne Turmel

Co-Founder/Product Line Manager, Remote Leadership Institute

The Remote Leadership Institute is the world's leading resource for managers and their teams to sell, present, and lead people and projects using today's online communication tools. Virtual and Remote teams are a fact of life, we help you succeed.