Virtual Team Coach helps you to build more effective virtual teams

Globalization and cloud technologies have created a world where work occurs everywhere.  More and more teams operate remotely and across boundaries.   Virtual teams can offer many advantages for both employees and employers - but also experience unique challenges and obstacles to success.  

The Virtual Team Coach is an online application that enables teams to take an agile, continuous, data-driven, and collaborative approach to working better together as a virtual team. The Virtual Team Coach helps teams objectively assess together the strengths and challenges in their teamwork against 15 core dimensions of virtual team effectiveness, identify a few specific steps they can take to improve in their most challenging areas, and then stay accountable together to ensure they make progress improving their team performance.

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Virtual Team Coach Delivery Partner

Kannetic Delivery Partners help lead workshops using Kannetic solutions and can provide on-going consulting support to help you capture performance improvement opportunities you identify in your Kannetic assessment.


Susan Nelson

Susan is a talent and change management consultant with 15+ years’ experience advising global organizations and leading talent initiatives. She works collaboratively with clients to strategize and execute global and enterprise-wide initiatives in the areas of talent management, employee engagement, culture management, wellness, and organizational restructuring & transformation. Susan utilizes her first-hand knowledge and experience as she coaches leaders in the area of leadership and team effectiveness.


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