Do you want to improve your team’s performance?

Of course you do - we all do.  And every team always has room for improvement.  

The team is increasingly the unit in which work gets done; and the ability to foster high performing teams is a key competitive differentiator for companies.  Effective teams can unleash incredible creativity and productivity – while ineffective teams can spin their wheels locked in dysfunctions that drive down productivity and miss opportunities.  However, the traditional options available to help build higher performing teams are expensive and often ineffective.  Research has shown that traditional teamwork training provides no lasting performance result because it is quickly forgotten.  On the other hand, hiring team coaches to work with a team ongoing can be very expensive in terms of cost and time.   Kannetic offers a better way.

Corporations are victims of the great training robbery. American companies spend enormous amounts of money on employee training and education—$160 billion in the United States and close to $356 billion globally in 2015 alone—but they are not getting a good return on their investment. For the most part, the learning doesn’t lead to better organizational performance, because people soon revert to their old ways of doing things.
— Harvard Business Review, October 2016

There are two primary approaches currently used to creating more effective teams both of which have significant drawbacks on their own:

  1. Team Trainings and Seminars: While immensely popular, traditional teamwork training often leads to no lasting result, because it is quickly forgotten.  Kannetic enables teams to undertake an agile, continuous improvement process focused on the team's unique improvement priorities, rather than a one time learning event.  Kannetic Solutions can be used as an alternative to trainings, or it can be incorporated into trainings to ensure the training content leads to lasting results.
  2.  Team Coaches: Unlike training and seminars, team coaches can help guide teams through an ongoing journey towards more effective collaboration.   Team coaching can be very effective with the right coach.  However, coaching can also be very expensive in terms of cost and time that the team dedicates to the process - limiting the types of teams who can afford it.  Kannetic can help teams "self-manage" their own teamwork improvement journey with substantially less cost and team time required than traditional coaching.  Kannetic can also be used to make traditional team coaching more effective.  External coaches and internal talent development professionals can use Kannetic with the teams they support to allow them to achieve greater impact, more efficiently.

Kannetic offers a powerful platform for building higher performing teams which can be used on its own by teams as a self-service tool, or to augment traditional training and coaching approaches.  Kannetic helps teams take an agile, ongoing approach to performance improvement – focusing on helping teams improve one manageable step at a time.  By helping teams to take practical actions to achieve targeted measurable, ongoing improvements, Kannetic makes it possible for every team to become a high performing team.

Testimonial: Using Kannetic to Make Team Coaching More Effective

Maketa Wilborn

Kannetic is an incredible value add for my clients - as it guides and supports the team throughout our team development process.  

Kannetic creates a solid foundation for deeper dialogue and exploration when the team comes together after taking the opportunity poll.  Having this insight from the entire team upfront also enables me to shift my meeting design based on those results to ensure that I am engaging the team at the right level on the right issues and opportunities.   Team leaders also get upfront information that helps them understand where their team is so that they can be prepared to respond strategically and effectively in the meeting.

The platform supports engagement and buy-in when the team is planning for action and the progress poll helps the team to check-in and course correct as needed without requiring me to lead another meeting.  This platform allows me to better leverage my time and energy with each of the teams that I am working with.