Team collaboration and culture drives business productivity

People are the heart of every business - and for many businesses, people are also their greatest expense.  Making sure that employees are motivated and set up to succeed together is one of the most important activities that any leader undertakes.   Fostering effective teamwork and powerful team cultures can have a serious impact on the financial bottom line of any team.  Studies have repeatedly shown that positive teams and organizations with healthy cultures are substantially more likely to financially outperform their competitors. 

Employees that enjoy working together with their team and feel they are part of a high performing team culture are more likely to do their job well, innovate, delight customers, and speak positively about your company.   Strong teams reduce costly employee attrition and make it much easier to attract top talent.  While many employees may join your company because of the salary you offer or their interest in your product, employees stay at your company largely because of the experience they have with their team and manager.   This is increasingly true in the millennial workplace, where the "war for talent" is won by companies that provide the most positive employee experience.  Creating a positive team environment is the single most important step you can take to boost the overall experience employees have with your company.

Kannetic makes it possible for every team to become a high performing team

While teamwork and culture are critical to business results - the tools and services available to companies to promote these are often ineffective or expensive.  Traditional teamwork training simply does not work - as research has shown that almost everything trained is quickly forgotten.  Employee engagement surveys have become a ritual expected of every HR department - but rarely lead to anything constructive.  In fact, most managers report that nothing useful came out of their company's last engagement survey.  Working with team coaches - whether external consultants or internal learning professionals - can provide teams powerful results, but often at a great expense - making it impossible to afford providing this type of service to all teams.

Corporations are victims of the great training robbery. American companies spend enormous amounts of money on employee training and education—$160 billion in the United States and close to $356 billion globally in 2015 alone—but they are not getting a good return on their investment. For the most part, the learning doesn’t lead to better organizational performance, because people soon revert to their old ways of doing things.
— Harvard Business Review, October 2016

Kannetic offers a better way to build high performing teams and cultures.  There are two primary approaches currently used to creating more effective teams both of which have significant drawbacks which Kannetic addresses:

  1. Trainings and Seminars: While immensely popular, traditional team training often leads to no lasting result, because it is quickly forgotten.  Kannetic enables teams to undertake an agile, continuous improvement process focused on the team's unique improvement priorities, rather than a one time learning event.  
  2.  Team Coaches: Unlike training and seminars, coaches and consultants can help guide teams through an ongoing journey towards greater performance.   Team coaching can be very effective with the right coach - but can also be very expensive and time consuming. Kannetic can help teams "self-manage" their own improvement journey with substantially less cost and team time required than traditional coaching.

 Kannetic makes third-party team training & coaching more effective

In addition to providing an easy to use platform which teams can use to "self-manage" their own improvement journey, Kannetic can also be used by internal and external coaches, consultants and trainers as part of a broader program.  Coaches, consultants, and trainers can use Kannetic with the teams they support to achieve greater impact, more efficiently.

Case Example: Using Kannetic as a consultant

Maketa Wilborn

Kannetic is an incredible value add for my clients - as it guides and supports the team throughout our team development process.  

Kannetic creates a solid foundation for deeper dialogue and exploration when the team comes together after taking the opportunity poll.  Having this insight from the entire team upfront also enables me to shift my meeting design based on those results to ensure that I am engaging the team at the right level on the right issues and opportunities.   Team leaders also get upfront information that helps them understand where their team is so that they can be prepared to respond strategically and effectively in the meeting.

The platform supports engagement and buy-in when the team is planning for action and the progress poll helps the team to check-in and course correct as needed without requiring me to lead another meeting.  This platform allows me to better leverage my time and energy with each of the teams that I am working with.